Thursday, December 20, 2007

Got into LBS!

So it's been a while since I last posted here. I had my LBS interview on Dec 7, the last day we were supposed to complete the interview. The alumni was very nice and tried to help me I felt but still asked lots of questions: Why an MBA now, why LBS, what will you contribute (aside from the standard things such as international experience, etc.). One question you should really prepare for: I was asked which other schools I'm applying to and then I was asked how I'll decide which school to attend if I got accepted to all. Your answer should obviously favor the school you're interviewing for! Remember, the yield rate (% of applicants accepting offer of admission) is a key factor for b-schools, the higher the better the spot in the rankings. While Harvard's yield is somewhere around 90%, other top schools typically hover around 50-70%.

Btw, my impromptu presentation topic for LBS was something like "What are the advantages and disadvantages of a UN passport that allows people around the world to move freely?" LBS is an international place favoring free trade so your answers to any questions like globalization or immigration should probably favor these. They say though that your answer is not important (more so your argumentation and logic) but I'm sure it has some influence on the "fit" evaluation.

Anyways, so I visited IESE on Dec 14 and LBS on Dec 17. At both places, I met very nice admissions people and great current students. Both are amazing schools!

On Dec 19 I was quite excited to learn that I got accepted to LBS as well! So if things stay as they are (no interest from Haas or HBS) then I'll probably go to LBS, since it has a stronger reputation outside of Europe. Most people probably would decide the same way, but IESE definitely has amazing students as well! Some of them didn't even apply to LBS, even though they prob. would have been accepted there as well, just because they love Barcelona and want to learn another language. I definitely want to go on exchange there if I can.

As for Haas and HBS, same as before: No love from them so far.

Update: Other impromptu presentation topics for the LBS interview I've heard of: Are you in favor of breaking patents for medicine in developing countries? And then something on carbon emissions trading, don't remember that one quite correctly, sorry!

Update 2: More topics I heard of: If you could make a documentary, what would it be about? And: Are you in favor of globalization? Quickly also wanted to share a funny story I heard from a fellow admit. While most interviews take place in offices or Starbucks, she had hers at home in her living room!

Update 3: Another interesting topic I came across on the BW forum: An employer sacked its store keeper for posting bad comments about the employer on facebook. Would you agree with the employer, and why?

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