Monday, May 19, 2008

LBS Round 2 Statistics

What up! Sorry I haven't been posting in such a long time, but the internet cafes in South America ain't the fastest (most share a dial up connection!) and I actually didn't have much to share. I'm sure nobody gives a crap about my travel experiences so I will spare you guys and get straight to the LBS round 2 stats. Unfortunately, I have to say that getting the yield is not as clean as in round 1, mainly because of the people who were lucky and got off the waitlist - I have a feeling that there are quite a lot of them. Anyways, if we assume that all admits since R1 are R2 admits (which is of course not true), then the yield for R2 would be roughly 75% - too high I think since it was more around 60% for R2 in the past years.

So basically, this entry is quite useless, cause the data is wrong :-) but I tried! One more note, if you go by the class size of last year (about 330) then roughly 90% of the class would be filled at the moment, leaving 10% remaining for R3 and R4. Of course, this will change as the June 20 deadline approaches, when much currency has to be paid to LBS as a deposit to secure your spot. We can expect that several admits who paid the first smaller deposit will have chosen another b-school by then and then more spots will be open again.

Last but not least, I do have to rub it in and show you some nice pix I took on the Galapagos Islands this week (buy an underwater housing for your camera if you happen to go!). I went to Ecuador after spending two months in Brazil. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the stats update! I'm on the waiting list and eager to get an accept.
Wonderful pictures you took! enjoy the vacation as long as it lasts :-)

Thomas said...

Thanks! I wish you all the best for the waitlist.

Anonymous said...


any updates on round 4 stats?

i am on Round 4 WL and now on the extended WL deadline of July 30th!

Grateful if you can provide some estimate so i can decide whether waiting till then will be futile and should i proceed now with other options.