Saturday, July 12, 2008

LBS Waitlist

A quick entry as someone on the WL asked about R4 stats. As for the WL, there definitely has been some movement. When I checked the portal occasionally, the number of admits suspiciously went up by a couple from time to time. After application rounds, the number of admits goes up in large batches, so these small increases are probably people from the WL.

Now to the number of current admitted students. There was just a reduction (not very significant) meaning some didn't pay up the 6000 pounds and decided to go to another b-school or just changed their plans. If the class size remains the same as last year (316 students) then there are still more admits than that (roughly 10% more). One big question is if the deposit deadline for R4 admits has passed - I don't know this. If yes, then the prospects for current applicants on the WL could be a bit bleak (if those who didn't make the deposit were included in the recent drop of admits). If not, then there might be some more open spots as some R4 admits will decide to go to other schools. But if you calculate for a normal yield, then I estimate the class size to be at around last year's class size (maybe even larger), again not the best news for waitlisters.

Update: The deposit deadline for R4 admits probably has not passed yet, since they were just notified on July 4th about their admission decision.

Some positive things to mention though: As stated above, people are coming off the WL! Also, LBS might increase the class size due to the increase in applications (I'm assuming they have increased, looking at what other b-schools have said). And then there is always the deferred admit for next year (estimated at around 5-10 from what I've read on the BW forum? I might be completely wrong).

Please don't let this post influence you in any way. I have no idea what's going on at LBS behind closed doors - I'm just babbling about some stats and making crude assumptions. I wish everyone on the WL best of luck! Don't give up hope.

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