Saturday, November 10, 2007

Blogging a bit late... the game but still wanted to share my experiences! After weeks of writing essays, attending information sessions, campus visits, etc. I already submitted my applications for the following schools: HBS, IESE, Haas, and LBS (all round 1).

A bit about myself: German/US national (grew up in Munich until I was 20), 3.5 yrs of consulting experience (Boston), low GMAT (640), high GPA (3.72 from Boston College), quite involved outside of work (teaching ESL at a non-profit ( where I'm also a board member; created, a website for prospective MBA students, also working on a screenplay, etc.). It should be interesting to see how my low GMAT comes into play. Aside from that I feel I'm not aiming too high.

As of today:
I interviewed with IESE in NY and wasn't too optimistic after. For those of you still awaiting an interview in the US, expect some tough questions:
- When did you disagree with your supervisor and what did you do?
- When did a team project fail and what did you do?
- When did you not meet a deadline and what did you do?
- When did you face an ethical dilemma and what did you do?

Last week, however, I got accepted! I was super happy and I catch myself constantly day dreaming about how it would be spending 2 awesome years at IESE in Barcelona...

Next week: LBS will kick out the first batch of applicants for round 1 (interview invites will be sent as well as lots of rejection letters). Good luck to all of us!

Update: Since I was just mentioning interview questions above, here is a link to common interview questions, many gathered from an HBS interview guide...

Update 2: Check out the interview database if you want to know more about your target school's interview process. You can filter by school and feedback rating.

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