Monday, November 26, 2007

Received an extension from IESE...

As I wrote in my first post, I am very happy that I already received an offer from IESE. Definitely takes away some of the pressure and anxiety. A little issue I faced though was the decision deadline I was given by IESE. I got accepted on November 7, had to give IESE word by November 23 if I was accepting, and make a 4500 Euro deposit by December 5! That was quite soon! By December 5 I will not have heard back yet from any other university and also I haven't even visited the IESE campus! So I called admissions (after having sent 2 unanswered emails) and finally today (three days after I should have sent the fax) I received an email that the admissions committee granted me an extension to January 16 (and a deposit extension to January 30). I really appreciate IESE's responsiveness and look forward to checking out their campus and meeting current students in December!


Anonymous said...

Tom, can we chat? I am in exactly the same position as you were with LBS and IESE.

Can we chat? I need to ask for an extension but need to know how to position it.


Thomas said...

Unfortunately I'm not available for chats. I'd suggest the following:
1) Simply ask IESE for an extension (e.g. you need more time to think things over)
2) Ask LBS for an earlier decision explaining your situation
3) Make the deposit at IESE - in the grand scheme it's not that much money you'll lose if you end up going to LBS

Anonymous said...

Hi Tom,

Thanks. Got the extension. Would you be Ok to exchange some emails regarding your experience /choice of LBS over IESE?

Understand if not.