Tuesday, September 2, 2008

London Business School Class of 2010 Statistics

Quick update on the LBS class of 2010 stats...
Average GMAT: 694
GMAT range: 600-800
Class size: 320
Average age: 29
Applications received: "Approaching 2500" (up from 2100 last year)

One interesting announcement: Next year a 5th stream will be added to the class, raising the class size to probably 375. This is good news for this year's applicants, especially with the bad economy.

On another note, classes have started and I LOVE IT!!! Well not exactly the classes, but my peers, so much fun...

Update: Interesting fact I heard today (10/27/08). Supposedly, most applications are received in R2 (makes sense), but LBS receives more apps in R3 than R1!!! However, there are about 2-3 times as many offers given out in R1 than R3! So def avoid R3 if you can (and esp. R4!). Good luck everyone... (btw, R1 apps are up 10%, not as bad as expected! R2 will probably be up much more...).

Update (02/09/09): As of R2, apps are up 18% so far (so counting R1 & R2 only)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for updates..keep them coming

Anonymous said...

Well the apps are up 18% and the class size has been increased by ca 23%, so all in all it is less competitive than last year.

Thomas said...

Yup, if the yield remains the same... I have no figures on that.

Awanish said...
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Nadia said...

Hi, I applied R4 and waiting for answer. Can anyone tell me what is the 80% GMAT range? LBS mentioned only a gmat range 600-800. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

Actually 2013 applications were over 4,500 and avg GMAT 712!

London Business School has climbed so quickly every MBA league table and become more and more selective every year. It's the top destination in Europe (both for students and professors thanks also to the London factor) and is competing head to head with the main US institutions.

I am a consultant working for LBS and I have access t the data, are astonishing!