Friday, August 22, 2008

Update: MBAvolunteers

You might have read my previous post on MBAvolunteers - a group of current and former MBA students who provide MBA application reviews in exchange for a donation to a non-profit organization. This application season will be the first time our idea will be tested. At least from a volunteer perspective there has been some interest so far. We are 12 volunteers now from 7 different countries representing the following b-schools:

- Carnegie Mellon (Tepper)
- Harvard Business School
- London Business School
- MIT (Sloan)
- NYU (Stern)
- Stanford
- UCLA (Anderson)

If you like our idea, please spread the word!

Update: I just updated the post to include the correct number of volunteers and schools represented. Also, our service has been very helpful for applicants! After having reviewed several applications myself I feel they greatly benefited from our feedback. So far (Dec 08) we have reviewed more than 30 applications!


Foo-Blogger said...

Hey Thomas

It's an excellent idea you have. I guess I'll check it out and take your help on my application.

Getting people to donate a small amount to a good cause is way better than spending a lot of money for the same thing.

Great going !!

And if any of the volunteers have a popular blog, do check my blog, I also have such an idea for contributing to the society through blogging

Thomas said...

Thanks, just read your blog entry on your idea with Kiva, I like it!