Sunday, January 27, 2008

Application advice in exchange for donation?

Sometime last December I had an idea I actually want to somehow implement before next year's application season begins for the class of 2011. Unlike many applicants, I was fortunate to have a friend who already went through the application process and was willing to give me feedback on my essays. The majority of applicants probably doesn't have such resources - and hence some use admissions consultants. This means spending lots of $$$ (and many consider it to be unethical).

That's how I came up with the idea of providing a list of volunteers who give feedback (like my friend did) in exchange for a donation to a non-profit.

What do you guys think? I already asked a couple of friends I know in b-school and inquired on forums. Everyone thinks it's a fantastic idea - but unfortunately nobody seems to have time. Well I'm done with the application process and will be leaving my job in March. So if anybody needs feedback on their LBS essays in exchange for a donation then let me know :-) !!! Even better, if you belong to the lucky group of admits (or current students, alumni) and would like to volunteer then drop me a line too (regardless which b-school you're affiliated with).

Update: We are three volunteers now and therefore "live"! Horray, spread the word...
Update 2: Now we're 9... check our new website:

On another note, check this cool non-profit:
They match up post-MBAs with for-profit companies in developing countries as part of a consulting project. I emailed them to see if I could maybe join a project on a voluntary basis even though I don't have my MBA yet. I would like to do something like a pre-MBA internship somewhere in South America before LBS begins in August. As I wrote in an earlier post, I'll be leaving my job in Boston in March. First destination will be Brazil.

Update: Just got an email back, you need to be post-MBA to join a project :-(

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wip3out said...

hey thomas,

didnt see any other way to contact you in your profile: about your haas comment:

are you positive that you can become a CA resident in your second year of studies? I mean, I know you can as an American, but I dont think thats possible as an international student. (will have to marry some hot california girl to do that)