Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Haas Ding

I guess I'm a bit late with this post since I got the ding two weeks ago :-). Of course I was a bit disappointed when I read the message, even though Haas moved to my #3 choice of schools after LBS where I was already in.

So that is the end of my admissions experience I guess - there are no more schools where I'm awaiting a decision. I should probably consider myself very fortunate to have gotten two offers in a competitive year like this one. It's funny, during the application process I was desperately awaiting the end of this strenuous time. Now there's no excitement left. Instead I am bored at work (sometimes checking the BW forum though :-) and can't wait until my last day. Ok, I should probably stop whining since I only have 3 weeks left! And then I'm off to travel for 5 months before I finally move to London.

To all other applicants waiting on R2 and R3 (or even R4) decisions, I wish you best of luck!

As for me, this blog will slowly turn into an LBS blog I guess. LBS just released its R1 stats yesterday, which I will comment on in my next entry.

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