Wednesday, February 13, 2008

LBS R1 stats

So as you noticed in my previous post on the LBS yield we can't publish any hard figures obtained from the LBS portal. Some admits from previous years have done so (not knowing that you probably shouldn't do so - we greatly appreciate it though!). Below is a chart with the R1 yield % for this year and the past two years (class of 08 = 75%, class of 09 = 72%). As you can tell, the yield has been going down slightly, which is surprising considering the increase in application volumes over the past years. It can be explained though looking at the number of admits in R1: For the class of 08 it was 140, then the year after 179, and this year it is again higher. Maybe LBS is changing its strategy and accepting more people in R1 (and less in R2) since R1 admits in general are more likely to attend (class of 08 R1 yield: 75% vs. R2 yield of only 59%). Maybe more top students now apply who end up choosing Harvard or Stanford over LBS. Or maybe I just have no fu?king clue :-). Anybody have an idea? Anyways, here is the chart (the yield has gone down only slightly).

Another beautiful chart I made (can you tell I'm getting bored now that the application process is over for me?):

Update: Out of curiosity I checked the yield by the nationalities shown above. All nationalities had higher yields than the average - except for zeee Chermans!!! Hardly anyone left! As a German myself, I can say that this is "Scheisse"! But on the other hand, good news for other Germans on the waitlist...


Anonymous said...

Hi Thomas,
Cool blog.
As you've been doing some research on acceptance rates and yields, I was wondering if you had any ideas/info on the significance of the interview? I just got an invitation for an interview with LBS (R2) and although I am quite excited about it, I wonder how much it improves my chances. Any thought?
Congrats on your acceptance and hope to see you there in August.
Take care!

Thomas said...

Congrats on the interview invite! Always is a good sign. Well the interview is definitely another hurdle to take. I read somewhere that last year they had 2100 applications and gave out about 1000 interview invites, but then only accepted something like half of them (see my previous post about LBS' yield).

Def. show in your interview that LBS is your #1 choice (e.g. if they ask you what other schools you're applying to) and prepare the most common interview questions (see the first post of this blog or the "Got into LBS" post).

Good luck!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Thomas!
Will prepare as well as possible and we'll see.
Again, hope to see you in August!


Thomas said...

All the best for the interview Olivier, yes hopefully until August!


Anonymous said...

Hi Thomas,
cooler Blog ! Ich bin langsam dabei die Hoffnung aufzugeben, was LBS betrifft. Nächste Woche kommt dann mein letzter Vorstoss: class-visit bei LBS gefolgt von einem update interview mit adcoms. Wenn's für den 16. April nicht reicht, mach' ich Schluss.

Thomas said...

Hi Gaston, drueck dir die Daumen fuers anstehende LBS visit. Hoffentlich folgen gute Nachrichten am 16.4.! Waer cool wenn man sich dann im August in London sieht.