Wednesday, January 9, 2008

LBS yield

Quick addition to the post on LBS' acceptance rate: So last year for the class of 2009 (accoring to RusGirl's blog) the yield rate in round 1 was 72%. For the class of 2008 (according to Angie's blog) the yield was 75% for round 1. As for round 2, RusGirl didn't have figures but Angie's blog mentiones 59%. Because of the lower yield rate in R2 there are more offers of admissions than in R1 (220 vs. 140 for the class of 2008). Looking at the class of 2010, I can tell you that there are roughly the same number of admits in R1 than for the class of 2009 (which was 179 admits).

Either way, my estimate below of an overall yield of 65% sounds fair to me, maybe it should be slightly higher by a couple % points, lowering the acceptance rate to ~20%.

Class of 2009 R1 stats
Class of 2009 R2, R3, R4 stats
Class of 2008 overall stats

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Iris R. Salinas said...

I was reading you blog and is really cool... all the stuff you have there...
I am on my own mba journey, class of 2011 and I just wanted to know how things went for you...
it is so funny how we made the same choices for schools!!!
-and kind of for the same reasons too...
is so funny...

anyways I have been acepted to IESE too,... just wanted to know how things are going for you now??

did you manage to get an intership for this summer 2009?