Friday, January 18, 2008

Just made my deposit...

...of 1500 GBP to LBS! Can't wait to move to London and meet my new class mates. After 7 years in Boston I'm so looking forward to living in a new city....

On another note, my last day of work will be March 7, 2008. A week after, I will be leaving to Brazil with a couple of friends to go backpacking. After they return to Boston, I will travel North along the coast and try to find a nice place where I can learn how to kite surf. If anybody knows of good kite surfing spots in South America please let me know! I also plan on working somewhere in S. America for 1-2 months, maybe in some interesting business/industry or a non-profit, something like a pre-MBA internship.

Anyways, if you have similar plans (no matter which b-school you're attending) and if you want to meet up somewhere for some beers at the beach bar, drop me an email!
anselmino at gmail dot com

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