Saturday, January 26, 2008

Post-MBA location

Last week some of the LBS admits from Boston met up. Was great meeting some of my fellow future class mates. We are planning on meeting up again next week since not all of us could attend last time. There was also an alumni who shared some info on LBS and working in the US afterwards. For those applicants who are considering working in the US after their MBAs, European schools are typically not the best choice. But according to the alumni, LBS does have an excellent brand recognition among recruiters in the US, in case you want to leave the options of your post-MBA location open. He is currently recruiting for his company (BCG) and will be interviewing 3 candidates from LBS for US offices. One interesting fact he also mentioned: Only McKinsey, BCG and Goldman Sachs tend to pay attention to degrees with distinction. So if you don't plan to work for one of these three (they also want your GMAT scores btw) then don't bother working your ass off like a maniac - nobody will care about your class rank.

Then I also heard about a very funny tradition at LBS: The Santa Pub Crawl. 400+ students in Santa costumes hitting the nightlife in London. Check some pix:

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